Responsible for a wide range of activities for the Rensselaer campus; and includes Conference Services, Procurement, Property Administration, and Public Safety policies.

Auxiliary Services

The Office of Auxiliary Services is responsible for a broad range of services and programs that include Campus Card, Catering, Conference Services, Dining Services, Laundry, Parking & Transportation, and Vending Machines.

Campus Card Office

The Campus Card is the official Rensselaer ID card and is an important aspect of daily campus life. This section provides details on obtaining and using the campus card, including certain policies and procedures for campus card use.

Dining Services

Rensselaer is committed to proving a well-rounded culinary experience morning, noon, and night. Information about dining at Rensselaer and dining options are included. You can also check your Meal Plan Balance.

Facilities Services

The Facilities Operations Customer Service Center oversees Rensselaer properties through a cloud-based centralized service center, and addresses customer requests specific to maintenance and repairs, as well as condition complaints. In addition to creating work orders and dispatching repair service, the FIXX team is also responsible for customer follow-up and communication, including procedures for submitting emergency facility reports/requests, and regular facility work orders.

Parking and Transportation Services

The Office of Parking and Transportation provides the Rensselaer campus with well-maintained, well-lit, and well-patrolled parking facilities, as well as a free shuttle service.

The Rensselaer Technology Park

The Rensselaer Technology Park is a community of science, technology, and engineering-based companies with premium access to Rensselaer.

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