Office of Intellectual Property Optimization

Responsible for supporting researchers in protecting intellectual property and bringing inventions into the commercial marketplace.

Commercialization Procedures

This guide is intended to assist the Rensselaer community in navigating the management of intellectual property such as patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, mask works and tangible research property.

Intellectual Property Policy

Rensselaer has devised The Rensselaer Intellectual Property Policy to benefit the public by encouraging and enabling technology development and transfer.

Remote Depositing Procedure

Procedures for remote depositing to ensure that payments are processed efficiently, no confidential information is inadvertently lost or transmitted, and internal transactions are managed properly.

Rensselaer Intellectual Property Policy

Describes Rensselaer policies concerning the ownership, licensing, distribution, and commercial development of Intellectual Property that creators conceive, invent, develop, or use. The policy applies to all Intellectual Property, whether it is patentable, copyrightable, subject to trademark registration, or is otherwise proprietary to Rensselaer.

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