Responsible for vision and guidance in ensuring excellence in academic programs, standards, and processes.

Academic Dean Reappointments

The following guidelines should be used in the periodic review of Academic Deans being considered for reappointment.

Center Director Reappointments

The purpose of this policy is to provide the timely process to be followed by the Dean of the school prior to the reappointment of Center Directors.

Chaired Professors

The following guidelines apply to the appointment, evaluation, and reappointment of faculty to endowed positions.

Constellation Faculty Standard

The purpose of this standard is to provide guidance in the appointment, evaluation, development, and promotion or re-appointment of world-class faculty who are appointed to the academic position of a Constellation Faculty at Rensselaer by the President.

Distinguished Professor Scholars Fund

The purpose of a scholars fund is to support the scholarly and professional activity of a distinguished chair holder to extend his/her impact to advance the university and/or the scholar’s field of research.

Emeritus Status for Tenured Faculty

This policy has been prepared as a guide concerning policies and procedures for conferral of the emeritus rank and the privileges afforded those tenured faculty who have officially retired from Rensselaer.

Rensselaer Catalog

The Rensselaer Catalog is an official publication of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute for its students, alumni, and friends, and is published by the Registrar. In addition to course descriptions and information, the Rensselaer Catalog contains policies and procedures related to Rensselaer academics and educational offerings.

Supplemental Pay for Faculty

Policy for providing additional compensation to tenured and tenure-track faculty and non-tenured instructional staff.

Teaching Assistant Appointments

This document describes the guidelines, rights, and responsibilities of graduate students, faculty, and departments with regards to graduate student teaching at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Use of Endowed Chair Income

The purpose of this policy is to establish financial protocols for how income from endowed chairs should be utilized.

Vacated Faculty Positions

The purpose of this policy is to formalize the process by which vacancies are reported, resources allocated, and new searches undertaken.

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